The last decades, major technological developments occurred in the field of Genetics. These include the development of Microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing, NGS (Massive Parallel Sequencing). Theses techniques facilitate and speed up data acquisition, with costs becoming more affordable. It is beneficial for many different fields, such as biology, medicine, agronomy, … Their use in clinical diagnosis also broadens the spectrum of molecular diagnosis and opens new ways for personalized medicine.  Yet, the equipments are expensive and require a high level of expertise to exploit all their possibilities. They are regrouped as a technological platform accessible to all scientists of UCLouvain and hosted in the Laboratory of Human Molecular Genetics, at the de Duve Institute.

Campus : UCLouvain – Woluwé-Saint-Lambert
Contact :  pascal.brouillard@uclouvain.be

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17 juin 2022

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