Intellectual Property Advisory
LiEU, a PATLIB center (PATent LIBrary)

The LiEU Network is part of the PATLIB network.

PATLIB is the name given to the European network of regional intellectual property information centers which are under the supervision of the national patent offices of each member state. There are currently nearly 300 such regional centers scattered across Europe.

They are intended to provide practical local assistance and sound advice on any problem affecting intellectual property and patents, to students, researchers, spin-offs, start-ups, SMEs, VSEs and isolated inventors.

What services do they provide?

Many employees of the PATLIB centers, and therefore of the LiEU Network, are experts in patent research. The PATLIB LiEU center also offers other patent information services, including:

  • technological and competitive watch,
  • patent statistics,
  • patent valuation / audit,
  • patent strategy consulting,
  • marketing / technology transfer advice.

The PATLIB LiEU center also provides practical assistance regarding other intellectual property rights.


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