Support to Researchers

Are you a researcher? Ask our advisers to support you:

  • Meet companies and find a partner for your project
  • Get answers to your IP and knowledge transfer questions
  • Benefit from inter-university support
  • Secure business-research collaboration and its results through an appropriate legal framework
  • Direct you to potential sources of funding
  • Facilitate company-research collaboration and the realization of your innovation project.

Understand everything about intellectual property

LiEU Memo

Understand everything about the transfer

of your research results



The LiEU Network carries out awareness-raising actions among the scientific community, particularly in the field of intellectual property and business creation: seminars, didactic guide, campaign to promote laboratory notebooks, etc.



The LiEU Network organizes events to promote Business – Research collaborations, around targeted themes and in collaboration with its privileged partners (competitiveness clusters, clusters, professional federations, etc.).



Within the Network, advisers ensure the setting up and support of inter-university projects. Thanks to LiEU reporting and monitoring tools, the detection of results is accelerated and allows the implementation of a concerted transfer of research results strategy with the support of partners.

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Local services are provided within each institution:

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