With 18 years of experience, the LiEU Network ensures, with the support of the Walloon Region, the promotion of research skills, the support of business / research collaborations, the development and professionalization of the transfer of university research results. towards the socio-economic world. It is at the heart of a structured and dynamic ecosystem at the service of innovation, regional economic development and more generally of the society.

Promotion of university research, a little-known activity


The promotion of university research is a profession that is still too little known. However, it plays a driving role in the implementation of innovation projects. It enables major advances in many areas and thus helps maintain the competitiveness of our companies, boost the region’s economic development and foster the emergence of areas of excellence in innovation in Wallonia and Brussels. Many innovations and even regional flagships emanate from university laboratories. These innovations are propelled into everyone’s daily life through the transfer of research results.

To support business-research collaborations and to raise awareness of the impact of the knowledge transfer of university research and of the innovations resulting from it, the LiEU Network launched a series of video clips at the end of 2020.
These highlight several concrete examples of innovative projects, projects that significantly improve our daily lives and have a tangible impact on society. This campaign is structured around 6 themes:
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